Mobile LiDAR (MoLi) Services


Innovative Spirit:

SSI was one of the first firms in the country and the first in Michigan to embrace Mobile LiDAR technology. This early adoption of technology has provided our staff with a great deal of experience. We have perfected our mobile scanning process and have proven that we consistently deliver accurate and timely results. We continually seek new applications for Mobile LiDAR and have the proven ability to adapt on the fly to new and unique challenges. 

Point Cloud of urban environement

Surveying Solutions, Inc. takes pride in being proactive with the services it provides. Being a full service consulting firm company, SSI provides professional services to a wide range of clientele. Mobile LiDAR is just one of the many innovative services provided by SSI. SSI utilizes the Riegl VMX-250 with the CS6 camera system to collect detailed topography, asset management, and precision survey data at highway speeds. The use of the system allows for safe non-hazardous working conditions.

SSI Mobile LiDAR System in New Orleans

The SSI VMX system is extremely accurate(design grade accuracy), portable, compact and easily transported. Once on site the system can be mounted on any "mobile" platform including a Car, SUV, Truck, Hi-Rail, Boat, ATV or Golf Cart. The Riegl system is also fully integrated and factory calibrated which ensures that the accuracy is maintained when the system is transferred between vehicles.

Two Scan Head Advantage:

The VMX mobile scanning system consists of two scanners mounted in a "V" configuration. The VMX system has an integrated Inertial Navigation System (INS) system and up to 8 high resolution digital cameras. Multiple cameras ensures a 360 degree field of view. High Definition(HD) virtual tours of the project site can be easily created from the camera imagery. The VMX mobile scanning system allows highly accurate and high resolution dynamic 3D data to be captured at highway speeds.  The dual head scanner configuration allows the scan vehicle to travel at high speeds without loosing any scan data resolution. This speed of travel increases safety for all applications, including mapping of highways, railroads and waterways as well as extended urban areas, construction sites and open pit mines. The speed of the VMX scanners coupled with its accuracy contributes to a significant reduction in project time and cost.

Freeway Point Cloud

The SSI VMX system uses echo digitization laser scanners that use pulsed time-of-flight technology coupled with internal real-time waveform processing capabilities. This technology allows the system to identify multiple returns or reflections from a single pulse resulting in multiple object detection. With the combination of pulsed time of flight technology, and multiple object detection, the SSI VMX system collection rates can exceed 3 million points per second.

SSI dual head mobile scanner

With two scan heads, every position is measured twice with a single pass. The two scan head configuration ensures superior project coverage and offers better project accuracies as well. Redundancy ensures quality with confidence.

Compatibility with Standard Formats:

The SSI VMX raw data is now directly compatible with ESRI's Arc GIS software. Read More

SSI has a dedicated, fully trained staff to support our mobile LiDAR operations. They are also proficient in the latest LiDAR processing software and well versed in all formats of CADD and several GIS platforms. The experience of our LiDAR team ensures project success from mission planning to finished deliverable regardless of the project type or location. The flexibility of our LiDAR specialists allow us to have a broad service area, capable of deploying anywhere worldwide.

LiDAR Data Fusion Project merged DTM

Our organization has successfully completed mobile LiDAR surveying services for a wide range of clients including state DOT's, cities, counties, contractors, private entities, A/E firms and many more. The majority of our work comes from repeat clients which is a testament to the quality of service we provide.

Scan of New Orleans 9th Ward


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