As an industry leader in remote sensing and data collection, SSI has remained committed to evolving with the latest cutting edge technology. As the demand for efficient collection and quick turnaround of datasets continues to increase, safety still remains a top priority for every successful project. Therefore, SSI has invested in the use Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) technology, to provide a safe, efficient and accurate approach to the project. SSI has been approved by the FAA to own and operate our commercial UAV platforms and have a team of experts including licensed pilots and technicians that are trained and qualified to perform commercial UAV flights.
• Road and bridge modeling
• Asset inventory
• Monitoring construction sites
• Traffic data collection
• Confined space assessment
• Developing algorithms for automated infrastructure condition assessment to
• Collecting imagery of proposed new work sites for design input

In addition to the operation/acquisition aspects, SSI’s UAV team is also experienced and qualified to perform image processing and analysis of UAV collected datasets.  Our processing workflows ensure quick turnaround of the data.  The UAV process can create a myriad of deliverables including point clouds, DEM’s, DTM’s and orthomosaics. Data can then be extracted from these deliverable to create breaklines, countours, and feature extraction. Along with our UAV capabilities, SSI can provide innovative cloud storage solutions to handle the distribution of the large dataset deliverable created from the UAV’s. SSI’s cloud service allows clients to store and access their information securely from anywhere.


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