SSI is prequalified in Bituminous Pavement Inspection and staffed with numerous field personnel, trained and experienced in overseeing paving operations on MDOT projects.

All technicians are equipped with the necessary tools to perform field inspection and sampling duties for paving operations including: Digital Levels, Infrared Thermometers, Sampling Plates, Sampling Buckets, Sampling Shovels, etc.

Technicians taking part in field sampling operations will participate in the on-site certification required by MDOT entitled: "Sampling HMA Behind The Paver Method-Qualification".

SSI technicians are familiar with MDOT's various resources to assist in the Bituminous Pavement Inspection process including:

  • MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction
  • MDOT Construction Manual
  • MDOT Road and Bridge Standard Plans
  • MDOT HMA Production Manual
  • MDOT Materials Quality Assurance Procedures Manual
  • Applicable Michigan Test Methods
  • MDOT Hot Mix Asphalt QC/QA Procedures Manual


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